Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back Home From the Beach

We took a short break, a trip down to the Wilmington, Ft. Fisher, Kure Beach area. Took baby to his first aquarium. Here's a picture of us babywearing at the Aquarium:

It's hard to believe my baby is so big these days. He turned 1 last Sunday.
He thoroughly enjoyed his first taste of chocolate frosting.

Sometimes I wish I could keep him little forever. He's so perfect and sweet and innocent. He doesn't know how scary and hurtful the world can be. Today he took his first real steps. He'd taken a few stumbling unknowing steps, but today I stood him on his feet, and he took 4 very deliberate steps over to hubby. It was incredible to watch, and he was so proud of himself. A year ago he was this tiny little wadded up creature, now he's a tall, strong, independent little boy.



It's still hard for me to believe how it happened, even though I have been here for every glorious moment.

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