Sunday, September 13, 2009

Home from DC

Had a good trip to DC. It was sort of whirl wind with lots of sightseeing. I about died though, I am so not used to walking that much, in crappy shoes no less, on concrete and asphalt. I am beyond out of shape, and it's beyond depressing. My legs still hurt. BUT I had a great time anyway. The architecture and the monuments are truly awe inspiring.

The last two weeks have been so busy, we've been doing a LOT of eating out, and I feel really bad about it. It's expensive and unhealthy. In a way, I can't wait for hubby to go back to work JUST so we can stop eating out so much. So I haven't been cooking much, although a made a batch of killer chocolate chip cookies for our trip. Pretty standard chocolate chip w/oatmeal. made half of them with cocoa powder and half plain vanilla, ya know, in the spirit of racial equality and all. I've even had to throw veggies back out into the compost because I just haven't been able to get to them before they turn. Mostly it's been the cherry tomatoes and the peppers and the chickens will eat the tomatoes.

Baby is practically walking now, he walks between the furniture, and can go several feet at a time without falling. He gets to going too fast and loses balance. It was amazing, we got to our hotel thursday night, and he just started toddling around where as before he'd only been taking a couple steps at a time. It makes me sad, because I don't want him to grow up so fast. Walking seems like the last break from infancy into toddlerhood, and I am not ready for that. *sniffle*

I've been having a little bit of baby lust lately too on top of my saddness. Reading the birth stories in this month's Mothering, plus all these ladies I know just having babies, or about to pop, or newly pregnant. I'm still so scared of giving birth again. I desperatly want a home birth next time, but I am scared that a midwife won't take me being as overweight as I am. I just can't go through another experience like my son's birth at the hospital though. I really need to focus on getting healthy before we have another one. But a snuggly little newborn... oh my... nothing in this world is more wonderful. *sigh*

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