Tuesday, September 8, 2009

my first sale, and my first commission

I sold a hat last week, in mom's shop, I was so proud! Then a couple days later I got a "commission" to do a hat for a friend. Too cool! I thought it turned out super nice.

the black is an alpaca blend, and the purple is a fun faux fur that this picture really doesn't do justice. It's really gratifying to actually sell a few items and have people interested in my work.

I'm also selling a few eggs here and there, our hens are continuing to lay well, and I just can't keep up with them.

We've had a super busy last couple of weeks, and it's just not going to let up until the end of the month. Thursday we're driving up to DC for the Tax Payer Protest, and to see some of the museums around the Capitol. I am a little nervous about the 6 hour drive, and driving in a city I've never been to. BUT our hotel is very close to the Capitol, and they have a free shuttle to the Capitol and Smithsonian, so once we get there, we should be able to leave our car parked nearly the whole time.

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