Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy House Wife

I am finally getting a dishwasher tomorrow! YAY! It's my late Christmas present from dh. It's gotten harder and harder to keep up with the dishes as ds has gotten bigger. To keep the peace, I have to let him "help." This involves a towel, some soap bubbles, a pot, and about an inch of water, which inevitibly gets poured out onto the floor. Otherwise he hangs on my clothes and cries to be held up in my arms so he can see what I'm doing. I have tried wearing him while I wash dishes, and it really doesn't work well at all. He tries to leap out of the sling and splash in the sink. And he's bad about sneaking off and getting into mischief while I have my back turned. SO, long story short, I'm very stoked about getting a dishwasher. I really hope it makes life a little easier.

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