Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Yay for warm sunny days! The flowers are starting to bloom, and the yard is starting to green up. We got our seedlings started last weekend, and the lettuce and potatoes in the ground yesterday. The seedlings are doing really well so far.

Beans, okra, and broccoli have all come up so far.

Back at Valentines, dh got me 4 new Rhode Island Red baby hens, they moved outside into the big coop over the weekend too. I'll have to post pictures sometime soon, they are totally cute and fun. They were great entertainment when we had them inside, but everyone except ds was glad for them to move outside. They made a mess knocking straw and food out of their enclosure, and it meant lots of extra sweeping for this mama.

Not much new going on in the kitchen lately. We have been making our own hummus for a while now, it's pretty tasty and sometimes ds like to have it with me for lunch.

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