Monday, March 8, 2010


I'm having the IUD taken out this afternoon, we're going to start trying for another baby! Kinda nervous... worried about where Robbie will sleep, since there is not room for a new baby and him in our bed. I love having him in bed with us, I don't want him to feel like we're kicking him out. So we have to figure out a new sleeping arrangement. Worried about Robbie still not sleeping through the night. Worried because we'll have to sell our house and move next year, and we dont know where we're going yet. I'm afraid we're taking on too much. Worried because I want Robbie to nurse as long as he needs too. I feel like he is too young to wean, but he may do it as a result of the pregnancy. Milk supply drops, and colostrum comes in, it causes some babies to wean. I know many toddlers keep nursing regardless, I just hope he is one of them. I don't feel like we're ready for it to be over. But I get so excited when I think about having another baby. I know Robbie would love to have a sibling, he loves to play with other kids. Dh has agreed to talk to a midwife about having a home birth, he's really on board with it. I would do just about anything to avoid the whole hospital experience again. So that is exciting to think about too. And a little scary. There is a midwife here that I would like to work with, and we have friend and family relatively close by, so we'd really like to have a baby before we leave here. That's been a big factor in our decision too.

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