Saturday, May 22, 2010

End of week 2, and OMG, it couldn't come soon enough. This has been a really rough week. Today has probably been the best day of the week so far, in terms of R's behavior and my coping skills. He boycotted his nap, and that makes me worried about tonight. I really kicked it at the gym this morning, and this afternoon I could really have used the quiet time, or a nap myself. No way that's happening now. He's really revved up.
This has been a bad week in terms of stress eating too. I've been trying to counter it by being really active and getting lots of exercise. But when it comes down to it, I would rather eat chocolate than exercise when I am feeling stressed and worn out. I do like the way I feel after I exercise, but it's usually no fun while I'm at it. I've also been trying to do a lot of positive visualization, although I can't tell that it's helping all that much. I have been doing awesome on my water drinking this week though, I feel like I might float away. Or that I should just camp out in the bathroom because I have to pee constantly. I've been drinking 80-100oz of water just during my workouts. It's nice because it gives me a 60-90 second break to go and refill my water bottle and stretch a bit. No gym tomorrow, but if the weather is nice, I'm going to take R. to the park in the morning and that will be a work out in itself. Hopefully we are meeting a friend there, that will make it a little less lonely.
Really missing J. this afternoon. Need one of his hugs.

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