Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Period found me again this month. Boo :( Looks like now we won't get to try again until late June/early July.

R. hasn't been sleeping well the last 3 days and it's taking it's toll on me. I feel really run down today. He's not napping again, after two wonderful months of afternoon naps. So that means I get NO break from him all day. And he's been up and down all night the last two nights. Today he got up insanely early and wouldn't go back to sleep. He's had massive amounts of snot for days now, from teething and allergies. But on the bright side he's learning so, so, soo many new words right now, it's incredible. Yesterday he picked up horse, pig, cow, and chicken. Can you tell we've been reading about farm animals? The day before it was frog, and rain. Right now he's standing at the back door, poking cheerios out the crack for our chickens and they are mobbing them! It's absolute cuteness!

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