Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Adjustment Period

It's taking a while to get used to having daddy back home with us. Especially integrating him back into our nighttime routine. R. doesn't want to give up his half of the bed, but he doesn't want to sleep in his own bed either. So we've had some very rough nights. I've been starting him out in his own bed, then bringing him to ours when he wakes. But then he's not wanting to settle back down, because he's dissatisfied with the amount of sleeping space he has now. So the last couple nights he's ended up going down and sleeping at the foot of the bed between us. I worry about him falling off the bed down there though. The first 24 hours or so that he was home, R. freaked out whenever daddy left his sight. But he seems to have settled down, and realized we're getting back to the normal day to day routine we had before daddy left. Now if only he would sleep at night...

I'm having to adjust to having another adult in the house too. One that leaves doors open, fans off, scissors laying where toddlers can reach them. One that hides my dish soap by leaving it outside, tracks mud through the house, and wants to stay up half the night having sex. He has been very sweet and very helpful and loving since he got home though, for all his mess making. And it's great to have another adult to talk to again. It's really good to have my best friend back at my side.

Today R.'s had the stomach flu again. I think he picked it up from one of the other kids at LLL yesterday morning. It's been rough, he's blowing out all his diapers, and he puked all over the place this afternoon. Luckily he went down for a nice long nap, and that gave me a break and a chance to wash diapers.

3 of the 4 pullets are laying now, and the garden is doing moderately well. Squash Vine Borers got all our squash and zucchini after just a few weeks of fruit bearing, and the volunteer pumpkin. Peppers are doing well, as are the beans, and the tomatoes, okra, and the cantaloupe plants are very healthy looking, they are also starting to flower. The broccoli never produced, it was too hot too early here for it. The pullets ate every last blackberry before they ripened, and the blueberries too. We ate the last of the potatoes, which were very good, and we're thinking about doing more in the fall.

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