Saturday, June 19, 2010

On His Way Home

Our 6 weeks are almost up, and daddy is on his way home. We expect him in Sunday night or Monday morning. Since the wasp incident our week has been uneventful. I baked lots of cookies on Wednesday, for a bake sale. I used the batter from the zucchini cookie recipe, and added in other yummy things. Thursday and Friday we relaxed a bit and I got started cleaning up the house a bit. Today I had to install locks on all the closet doors and the door to the spare bedroom because R has mastered the door knobs and there's no keeping him out. He wants to ransack everything, then pitches a tantrum when he's thwarted. He's pretty much rolled from one upset to another today. It's barely past noon, and I'm already worn out by it. Counting the hours until daddy is home...

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