Sunday, August 29, 2010


I decided I would try something new with R. in an effort to get him into going on the potty. Every pee in the pot earns him a sticker. We introduced it yesterday, but he didn't get much diaper free time. Today he's been diaper free a majority of the day, and we've had zero accidents. 5 pees in the potty so far, and one poop in a diaper. In my cowardice, I put a diaper on him for his after lunch poop. I couldn't deal with the possibility of having to clean poop up off the floor today, and he almost always goes about 30 minutes after lunch. (then I made dh change R.'s diaper, hehehe). He had been doing soso up until now with the potty, going occasionally, but still making puddles on the floor. Today was SO DIFFERENT! He recognized when he needed to go, and went. On his potty. Every time.
I decided to try stickers, rather than a candy treat, because he is very into them right now, and I don't like the idea of using sweets as a reward. I found him several pages of different kinds of stickers. Right now we are on Tonka trucks and cars. I also have some Thomas trains, and some animals, and maybe one other kind, I don't remember.
We did put a diaper on him when we went out later today, and I noticed that he didn't tell us when he peed in it. I think it will be a while before we can leave the house diaper free, but today was a really encouraging start!

I think we might be in the weaning process. Not entirely sure, but he's nursing a WHOLE lot less lately, and he's become a bottomless pit for solid foods. He'll nurse around 7:30AM right before he gets up, then frequently not nurse again until 3PM. then maybe once before dinner, and again at bedtime, then his 5/6AM suckle. So we're down to 4 or 5x a day, which is a drastic decrease. I know my supply has begun to drop, because now when he goes 7 and 8 hours without nursing, I am not engorged- where as I would have been before the pregnancy. I'm not pushing him one way or the other. I DO try to offer him food and drink before nursing, to see if that will satisfy him, and frequently it does. I will probably be a little sad if he weans, but I feel good because we did meet our goal of nursing until age 2. I would like for him to continue to get the benefits of nursing as long as he can, but if he weans, he weans. It has been a very precious time that I will always cherish, regardless of when it ends.

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