Monday, October 4, 2010

12 weeks

Making it to 12 weeks somehow makes the pregnancy seem more real, more official. Even though we still haven't gotten to hear the heart beat (not until the 22nd of this month) it feels like the danger of miscarrying is mostly past now. I'm feeling increasingly better, almost no nausea, less fatigue, less heartburn, a little more appetite. I'm still craving white potatoes in various forms, baked, mashed, french fries, and glory of glories, potato soup. I'm having to be more careful though with the creamy potato goodness, the pregnancy has made my dairy allergy much worse. I have very little tolerance for it at all right now.

Finally got back to the pool today, it kick my fat ass. But it felt good, and wasn't especially crowed because the weather has cooled off significantly. I swam 17 laps, then my right foot started to cramp inside my fins so I stopped. We'll probably go back tomorrow.

Speaking of cooler weather, I've been changing out R's wardrobe for fall, and he's outgrown nearly all his pants, and about half his shirts from last year. I've had to break down and buy him some clothes. New clothes even, not 2nd or 3rd hand. This is probably the most new clothing he's ever had at once. 3 pair of pants, 4 shirts, a pair of shoes, and a set of pj's. This added to what I picked up at the FM yardsale last month just about has him covered. He might need another set of jammies, and a pack of socks, but they can wait til my next trip to Walmart. It was sad packing away all his too little and summer clothes, he's getting so big! He's in a 3T now except for a few shirts. I won't lie though, I've had fun shopping for him. There are some adorable little boys clothes this year at Target. I'll post some pictures of him strutting his manly little self later :)

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