Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A kick in the...

Uterus! Ha! I've started feeling the baby move this week, really move! It gave me a good hard kick Sunday night,and I feel flutters nearly every day. It's very reassuring since we haven't been to hear the the heartbeat yet. We should get to at my next appointment Friday. I won't lie, I am REALLY hoping and looking forward to a quick ultrasound. I would love to see the baby. (and I'm secretly hoping we might even get to find out the gender)

I'm trying to get back into my swim routine. I miss it, my body misses it. I need that alone time. I meant to go yesterday, but R. lost my keys and it took me a good hour to find them, and by then, I didn't really have enough time left to go. So I drug my butt out of the house this morning and went. It felt great, it really did. The pool is really empty on Tues and Thurs mornings, because there aren't any water aerobics classes or swim lessons. R. likes the social play time he gets at the child watch too. He needs that interaction with other kids and adults. I need to keep up with the exercise to help keep my body strong, and my blood pressure down for this pregnancy. And one other surprising thing I've found about swimming is how great it's been for my mental health. I've been out of my routine for nearly a month now, and I'm feeling the old insecurities and anxieties slip back in. Even though I'm not loosing weight yet they way I'd like, I feel better about myself, I feel more confident. It helps me sleep better at night too. No more insomnia, no more sleep paralysis. I still have funky, weird dreams, but I'm blaming a lot of that on pregnancy right now.

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