Friday, December 3, 2010

knitting, etc.

SO busy this last month! I've been feverishly knitting, pushing through commissions. Since my last post, I've completed 3 more hats, most of a 4th, and part of a scarf as well. We also had Thanksgiving somewhere in there, and a trip to see my elderly, dieing grandfather. I've got one more order to get done, then with some luck, I'll have time to do a couple of Christmas gifts, or pieces for the shop (where I am about sold out). I've had to turn work down, simply because I don't have time. I'm a one woman show, and I have a toddler and a house to keep up with as well. I'll try to get some more pictures posted soon. I think so far, I've made close to $440 since the beginning of October. Goodness knows we've needed the extra cash.

Pregnancy still seems to be going well. Baby moves a lot, all day long. 2 more weeks and we'll find out the gender.

R. is a typical two year old right now, and occupies nearly all my time and 110% of my patients and energy. We were diaper free during the day before our Thanksgiving trip, now we've hit our first major regression. It's been hard. He's also stopped sleeping all night in his bed, which is also hard, more on me than J. I really need the rest.

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