Friday, December 31, 2010

Some recent finished projects

We traveled over the holiday, and this is what I did to keep myself busy:

All items are now available for sale at Up and Dyed (mom's store). I basically knitted like a mad woman for a week and got it all done. Now that I have restocked my inventory there a bit, I'm back on the commission train. I've got 3 multi-item orders to keep my busy through the next month.
I felt baby girl from the outside for the first time last night. It's hard to believe she's getting so big in there, and so active! She's beebopping around in there right now actually. She's carrying lower than R. did at this point. I feel her way down in my pelvis most of the time. The OB says that's not unusual, things are more stretched out and relaxed in there the second time around. I have a lot more ligament pain this time. And the heartburn is unreal. I have to go back for a second ultrasound because they didn't get all the pictures they wanted the first time. I get tired easily, but for the most part I still feel pretty good.

We had a pretty good Christmas. R. got a nice haul of cool new toys. Mostly kitchen pretend play things. He adores it all. We were gone from home for over a week, and everyone was really glad to be back home. I doubt we'll travel next year for Christmas with both the kids. It's just too hard.

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