Thursday, February 24, 2011

recent knitting projects

made two of these mohawks.

Currently I am working on baby B's blanket. There's one other hat that I made myself that I dont have a picture of. I have a hat commission I need to start on that will be identical to the black tam pictured above.

House remodeling is going ok. Got the guest bath done, some of the ceilings painted, cabinets refinished, living room and halls painted. Still waiting on an estimate for our master bath remodel and floor repairs.

I've bogged down this week because I've been sick with some nasty upper respiratory crud. I'm on day two of a Z-pack and still feel like I want to lay down and die. Had an OB app. yesterday and everything is going great with baby B. She's head down, and very, very wiggly. Weight and BP are great. Having lots of b/h contractions, but with all the work and time on my feet, that's not really surprising. I have one more visit scheduled before we move.

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