Friday, February 11, 2011

So busy!

The last month has rolled over me. We've had so much to do since we signed the contract with the relator to sell the house. We've had to pack and pack, and clean, and move furniture, so we could get the place painted. A friend and I painted the entire living room and hallway in the last week. Still to do: We're also refinishing the kitchen cabinets and replacing their hardware. Replacing the range hood. Painting and redecorating the guest bath. Hiring a contractor to remodel our master bath and refinish our hardwood flooring. Painting the master bedroom and R's room. All this before we can even start showing it. We have 6 weeks left before we move, and 9.5 left before baby B. is due to make her grand entrance. Oh, and trying to find a house in GA is another miserable headache. I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet. Maybe once we get the contractor repairs done. We're meeting with them Sunday and hopefully will have a proposal to sign early next week. We had to wait for our income tax return to come in before we had any real money to work with.

I've finished quite a few knitting projects since my last blog entry, maybe I will eventually get pictures loaded. 7 or 8 hats, a pair of mittens, a sweater for baby B. I just got her blanket started in the last couple of days. She and I are both very healthy. The pregnancy is going well, easy for the most part. I tire quickly, and have a good number of b/h contractions. Probably because I am on my feet so much. I would dearly love a nap right this moment, but R. doesn't nap, so there's no chance of that happening. He's been sleeping for absolute shit lately too. Waking up and keeping me up for hours at a time during the middle of the night. It's pretty awful. It's like he has toddler insomnia. I don't know what to do about it.

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