Thursday, March 31, 2011

Almost Time

My bathroom got finished Wednesday, and the mess is finally gone out of the yard. My house is full of stacks of boxes, ready to load on to the U-Haul tomorrow. I'm really close to being done with packing. I've got to run one more load of dishes then pack them up, and the kitchen will be pretty much empty. I've started packing our clothes into suit cases, trying to keep things for the apartment separate from things going into storage. Poor J. has spent all day running around in the rain trying to find a dump that will take some of the trash the douche bag contractor left for us to deal with. He never was successful. One place was closed, one place wouldn't take it, and by the time he'd done all that, the place that would take it, was closed for the day. He's gone to take his boat to leave with a friend, at rush hour, in the rain. We'll be lucky if he makes it back by bedtime. For me this afternoon has felt like the calm before the storm. I've done about as much as I can today. A lot of what's left has to wait until tomorrow. So I've been trying to rest up a bit. Baby girl is really uncomfortable today. Yesterday was a little better, but today I'm back to aching hips and pelvis.

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