Sunday, March 27, 2011

Down to the Wire

Well, it's Sunday again, and my bathroom is *almost* done. And there is still a huge mess in my back yard. We move in less than a week. Saturday is At this point, I won't get to paint and decorate the new bathroom, we're going to have to leave it primered white. I got 9 doors painted. It's about killed me. And I am about to kill my husband. He insisted on replacing the doors, even though I didn't want to, and it wasn't something we could really afford to do. He got his way in the end, because he always does. So of course, he did absolutely nothing to help with painting them. Didn't lift a damn finger. He's watched me make myself sick trying to get this house ready and get us packed, without the slightest hint of appreciation and more than a little criticism. He expects plenty of praise for everything he does though. grrr. Feeling a little huffy and resentful this morning. It didn't help that he rolled out of bed at 11 and made himself something to eat (didn't offer me any), an hour before lunch time, leaving the mess for me to clean up. His lack of sympathy is really, really irksome.

I did magic erase in R.'s room, and it looks like maybe I wont have to paint in there, which will be awesome. I will still need to paint our bedroom, and I'm not sure yet when or how I will manage that. I think it might have to be done in stages. Like one wall at a time, since we still have a lot of stuff in there that's not packed, and probably won't get packed until actual moving day (like our bed, and a couple other larger pieces of furniture).

Baby B is doing well. We had our 36w visit this past week. We're both healthy. I'm pretty much miserable all the time at this point though. My hips ache, my pelvis aches, the round ligament pain makes it hard to walk. I have these sharp pains sort of in my cervix, and my crotch aches from the pressure of the baby's head. I've been having an increase in nausea due again. It really hard to get comfortable at night. My feet swell most days. Yesterday was the first day I haven't had any significant swelling in several weeks. I drank enough tea to float a battle ship, and had to pee every 30 minutes all day long. But that seemed to do the trick. The contractions have slowed down a little. I was having lots and lots of b/h contractions, with some of the real ones thrown in there for some extra fun.

I haven't talked much about how R. is doing lately. He's in full blown 2.5 year old mode. He's defiant, and throws tantrums, and learns funny new things every day. He's frustrating and wonderful. We're potty trained during the day, with few accidents, but still in diapers at night. He has been staying dry at night about half the time. He was sleeping through the night, in his own bed, for about 3 blissful weeks. But that came to a crashing halt in the last week. Two of the last three nights have been insomnia nights. He- and by association me- was up for about 4 hours last night. Just ya know, to make my life more fun right now.

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