Thursday, March 17, 2011


Still suck in remodeling hell. We've been living out of a hotel for a week and half now while the contractor tries to get our repairs done. We had a good trip to GA last week, we found a house we really love and want to buy. But we came home to lots of delays with out own renovation, and it's gotten dragged out all week due to one thing or another. First the bathroom shower proved to be nearly impossible to rip out, then we needed to replace the flooring, which meant more tile to be chiseled out. Then halfway through the hardwood floor refinishing, he got the stomach flu and there went another day. So now our floor will be done this evening, but not really in time for us to move back in to the house. And the bathroom still isn't finished, and then, finally, there are the doors to hang. We've got two weeks left until we move, and I still have so much painting to do. The bathroom, R's room, our bedroom, then all 9 of the doors :( Plus the rest of our packing *cry* We still need to have the home inspection done too. And they haven't shown the house since it was listed, mostly because it's been full of workmen and tools and mess for the last two weeks.

As far as I can tell Baby B is still doing fine, we haven't had another visit since last month; it's next week. She kicks and wiggles and gets the hiccups. I'm really miserable though. I can hardly walk a lot of the time, I have so much ligament pain in my pelvic area. My feet have been swelling up by mid-afternoon. Anytime I'm up on my feet walking or doing much, I get contractions. I've been getting nauseous again too. And I'm tired most of the time. 5 more weeks until the expected due date.

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