Friday, May 27, 2011

Housing Update

We closed on our new house today. YAY! We might even be able to start moving in as early as sometime tomorrow, but if not, Sunday for sure. The owners said they would let us know when they were all done tomorrow. They are an older retired couple who are going to go RVing now and just travel around seeing the country. I went to the walk through with J today, and they were just about out, and they had a whole crew of folks helping them move. I wish we were going to have a whole crew of people helping us move. It's just me and J though. Mostly it's J. I'll probably do most of the unpacking of the household goods, but he'll have to physically move everything out of storage and into the house. I also have the two kids to take care of and keep out from under his feet. BUT we had a huge new yard for R to play and explore in. He didn't want to leave today when it was time to get back in the car. He's been asking all evening when we were going back to the new house. It looked today like I might need to do some painting at some point. They had lived in the house for 35 years. There are a lot of places where you can see the outlines of things that had been hanging on the walls for all those years. And grimy doors. But that might be a project that has to wait until B is a little older. I just don't feel up to the task yet.

In other related news, J is seriously talking about renting out the house in F'ville. *groan* I'd prefer to give it some more time on the market, maybe with a different relator, but he disagrees, and ultimately, it's up to him.

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