Friday, May 6, 2011

Mama of Two for Two Weeks

Little B has been with us for two whole weeks today. She's such a sweet little thing, with her own special personality that is already so, sooo different from her brother. So far, she's slipped pretty easily into our lives without creating too many waves or stress. She's been sleeping pretty well at night so I've been getting rest, which makes a world of difference in how I feel and how my body has been able to recover. She's growing really well too, in one week, she gained almost a pound. Her umbilical cord stump came off a couple of days ago and Wednesday she got her first real bath. She's got a very gentle, contented spirit.

I had to break down and buy a new ring sling because J wouldn't get my carriers out of storage. I've been out to run errands with both kids a couple times, and didn't have too much trouble. I get B settled in the sling, then deal with R. We've been to the doctor, the grocery store, the playground (twice). Today, whenever B wakes up from her nap, we'll go to the post office. I have had trouble getting some things done when she's awake, like dishes and laundry. The most difficult time of day is R's bedtime. He nurses to sleep, and more often than not, B needs to nurse then too, and trouble ensues. I've tried nursing them both at the same time, and it's doesn't end well. We just have to take it one night at a time and do the best we can. J's been a pretty big help, especially while he was off work. He had about a week off, and spent a lot of time with R. They went fishing several times, and to the store and playground.

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