Friday, June 17, 2011

Just a few quiet moments

This week has been a hard one. J.'s been on 12-15 hour shifts all week, and R has been a maniacal beast, running amok and tearing shit up left and right. I'm just about ready to pack him off to the zoo. not really, but, ya know... some days its like having a wild animal loose in my house. B's great, she's my little bit of peace and calm amidst the raging tornado of toddler fury that is her brother. She's sleeping now, and R. is parked in front of a movie, so I have a few quiet moments to myself.

I'm in a bit of despair about my car. It really needs some work done to it. We've been putting it off, but really can't much longer. I went to the repair shop near our house this morning, but they say I have to drop it off. Big huge problem. I have no way to do that. We don't have another vehicle we can all ride in, and I don't know anyone here that can either A)give me a ride, or B) watch the kids for me. And the garage doesn't offer a pick up drop off service, nor could they give me a ride back to my house. Nor could I even make an appointment for one day next week, first come first serve only. Well sheesh, they sure don't want my money then. They didn't even have a waiting room or lobby.

The house is slowly coming together. we've still got boxes and stuff piled up under the car port. J hasn't been able to bring anything in this week. I've brought a few small things in, but it's been hard to get anything other than the bare essentials done here at the house this week.

Annnnnd R just woke his sister up, so I guess that's all for now.

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