Wednesday, August 24, 2011

4 months and 3 years

Yesterday was R's 3rd birthday. We celebrated with cake and friends from church on Sunday, since J is out in the field this week. It's incredible to me that the time has passed so quickly. R is such a wonderful, bright, imaginative child. And even though we had a rough time after we moved, his behavior has really improved a lot in the last month. Some days he turns the drama on, but a majority of the time he's a pleasant little person. He's still just as intense as he was the day he came forth into the world, but he also still has that cuddly sweetness, a last hold on his baby days perhaps. I hope he never looses it. I love our quiet moments together when he climbs up into my lap and burrows in for a snuggle. And the way he whispers back "I love you too, mommy." I cry when I think about the day when he'll no longer want me to hold him, or kiss his "hurties." I know it will come all too soon. Some days I wish I could slow time and keep him this way forever.

We've started doing a bit of preschool type work at home. Our first baby steps on the road to homeschooling. He's finally doing better with his colors and I am no longer worrying about him being color blind. We spent a couple of weeks really focusing on colors and it finally seemed to click with him. At least yellow, red, blue and green. He still confuses orange with yellow and red, and pink for red, and purple for blue. But it's a start. We've also been working on sorting, and counting. He can recite numbers well, but is not as good as counting out individual items. So we practice a lot, and he's getting better. Plus he thinks it's fun to count, or to name the colors of objects, so it's not all nose to the grind stone. Mostly we just play.

B turned 4 months Monday, and we'll go to her well baby visit Friday to see how much she has grown. She is such a delightful baby. All smiles and drool. And spit bubbles. And a little hair pulling. I feel a little guilty because I feel like I am enjoying her infancy more than I enjoyed R's. She sleeps better, and is not nearly so clingy. It's amazing how much sleep can improve a person's outlook on things. She's a kinder, gentler nursling too. No pinching or kneading so far, and a much softer latch. She's beginning to be ticklish and giggles a bit when I tickle her belly. She has a desperate, burning desire to be sitting up right, but is still too wobbly to do it on her own. I prop her up on the couch next to me while I knit and she just hangs out watching her brother. She moved out of her bassinet and into a regular crib recently (which is in our room, I LOVE having her sleep in our room). she sleeps the first part of the nigh there, and the 2nd half in bed with us. I love part time cosleeping. Best of both worlds.

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