Sunday, September 25, 2011

Never Look the Gift Chicken in the Mouth

We were gifted two chickens last week, a male and a female, mixed breed. The rooster is very vocal, and quite cagey. He wakes us up every morning around 5:30. I can't wait til he's moved further from the house. He escaped from J while being transferred into their hutch and it took us all evening to get him rounded up. Silly bird. The hen is a much more docile, calm creature- and they are both just as pretty as can be. The male has lovely green tail feathers. Our other roos haven't really grown much in the way of tail feathers yet.

Eventually, i think we will try crossing the two breeds. We'll need to introduce some new blood into the Black Copper Maran flock anyway. They are so rare, there is a very limited gene pool for pure breeding. Too much inbreeding isn't good for the birds. You start seeing genetic abnormalities, like the one stunted bird we lost early on.

Now if someone would just give us a pair of goats....

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