Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just an update on life

The last couple weeks have been really busy. The kids and I went to TN for a week to spend time with family and friends. J couldn't come with us cause the dirty, rotten, stinking USAF wouldn't let him have any time off. The kids were real troopers and for the most part we had a great time. It's great to be back home though. This place really does feel like home too. I marvel sometimes, at how far we've come in the last 6 months, and how wonderfully happy I am with our family. The kids absolutely make my world go round. B is just the greatest thing ever. And R is so clever and smart and full of energy. J and I are working so much more as a team. Our 4th wedding anniversary is in a few weeks. Unfortunately, he'll be at a class in TX. We'll have to celebrate when he gets home. 4 years of marriage and almost 10 as a couple, 11 as best friends. I really, truly believe we were meant to find one another. Even when he drives me batty (which is not all that often right now), at the end of the day, we have so much love for each other.

I'm still knitting, even though I took a semi-break from it over vacation. I made a sweater and intended it to be for B, but it was too snug on her baby chub, so I made a hat to match, and it's now for sell at Up and Dyed. I wish I'd gotten a picture before it left me, it was really quite cute. Now I have to knit another, bigger sweater for miss chubbness. But I have to finish this hat I am working on first. It's still a bit warm for sweaters here anyway. I'm not sure it will ever get cold. We're having an Indian Summer here right now, in mid October.

Someone gave the kids a used swing set while we were gone. Today I found a baby swing on clearance for B. The kids both love the swing set. They were so cute together.

We have so much fun playing in the back yard here, especially now that it's not miserably hot.

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