Monday, December 19, 2011

Almost Christmas

December is always such a busy month leading up to the holidays. I've been spending very little time on the computer lately. Having two mobile trouble makers in my house takes a lot of time and attention. I did finish R's sweater, and it fits nicely. I'll eventually post a picture. I'm nearing completion on a similar style pull over for B. My baby elf hats and button scarves are selling really well at the co-op gallery. It was nice to take a gamble on some new items and have them sell so well. I need to get some new things churned out for the post Christmas shoppers. I really wanted to make the kids each a sweater this year though. It's been a nice change of pace to knit for my family.

Speaking of family, I am so excited because my parents and sisters are coming down here for Christmas! It's the light at the end of my tunnel after a what's shaping up to be a long, stressful, expensive week. I'm so looking forward to not traveling this year. Spending Christmas here, with the kids instead of on the go.

I've done really well with my second hand gift shopping. I've had to buy very few things new at full price. A shirt for my dad, a gift for J, and one thing each for R and B's stocking. Everything else has been bought second hand, or on clearance (a couple of items for my sisters), or homemade. I have one person left to arrange a gift for, and it's proving to be a little challenge. This person is difficult to shop for anyway.

Sounds like B's awake after another miserably short nap. She's in a big, bad sleep regression right now, and it's making me batty.

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