Friday, December 21, 2012

A Very Crochet Christmas

Toddlers and Christmas ornaments don't always mix well.  Which is why this year I've been on a mission to make pretty, kid friendly ornaments for our tree.  These are a few of what I have done so far:

Monday, December 10, 2012

Is it really December?

Counting down to Christmas here.  I sort of have the holiday blues.  We're so, so broke from buying the van last month.  I think I have the kid's Christmas stuff taken care of but it will be very small this year.  Most everyone else is getting homemade stuff.  It sucks being broke at the holidays.  And it sucks not being able to get the kids everything I wanted them to have for Christmas.  J wants to go see his family, and I get that.  We haven't seen them in 2 years, and they have never met B.  But I don't know where he thinks the travel money is going to come from.  I reckon hell would freeze over before they came to see us.  To top it off, J's mom told him/us not to come.  She's such a whack job.

We went to the Allergist with B on the 3rd.  We had blood work done, and are still awaiting the result of the tests.  We got Rx's for Zyrtec and an Epi Pen.  She's had 1 more allergic reaction since then, to pomegranates.  Over Thanksgiving she started using 3 and 4 word sentences, and is a regular chatterbox now.  Her vocab is probably up well over 50 or 60 words, and she gets new words everyday.

R is doing well I guess.  I'm having a hard time being structured with his preschool work.  He is doing simply addition and can count to about 30, but can read numbers up to about a 100.  We've been studying body parts, and insects because that's what he's into right now.  He was in the Christmas program at church last night and did a really great job.

I totally failed at friend making.  I feel like the blind date that didn't get a call back for a 2nd date or something.  Which, whatever.  I'm trying to be zen about it.  *trying*  J is talking about staying down here in GA after he gets out, which would alleviate the stress of having to sell our home, but I had been looking forward to being closer to my family, and living in a place where I would have more connections and friend potential.

I've been knitting for Christmas gifts lately, which has been fun.  I'm not having many sale though, which is disappointing.  We could really use that extra bit of income through the holidays.  I've even been trying to sell some of my fancy designer diaper bags, and couple of baby carriers.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Allergy update

B's having all sorts of new allergic reactions, so we went back to her doctor yesterday and they've got us booked to see an allergist early next month.  As of now, her NO EAT list consists of cow dairy, soy, peanuts, eggs, strawberries, grapes, tomatoes, green beans, carrots, pepper (red and green, black seems to maybe be ok).  I've sorta adopted a 2 strikes and you're out rule- two allergic reactions to a food and it's on the NO EAT list.  We've been avoiding tree nuts as well, because I've been scared to try them.  The lab work revealed that she has fat in her stool, which is indicative of malabsorption.  Her ped. believes it's connected to the allergies.  I suspect it is wheat gluten.  We will probably end up doing blood work instead of skin testing, but even that won't be as accurate because of her age.  He said we should be prepared to do testing again in a couple years.  But we've got to figure out what's going on, and I need help figuring out how to feed her and the rest of the family at the same time.  She's eating an awful lot of rice and corn and plain pasta.  She does seem to like some other veggies like squashes and peas.  I'm worried that she won't be able to eat any legumes.  She had gained weight since her last visit, and had jumped percentiles from 15th to 26th, which was really good.  I've been worried that she's not gaining well because of some allergy issue.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sucksville (mostly)

So the day after my last post, my car went kaput in a pretty big way.  I got it home thanks to J coming and rescuing me and the kids from the parking lot where we got stranded, but he couldn't get it running again without it overheating.  So I've been stuck at the house since then, our only other vehicle I can't drive and the kids can't both fit in.  We decided we can't pour any more money into the car, it's a 94 and falling apart, we were going to replace it in Feb. anyway; so I started looking for something to replace it with NOW.  Last week J worked a minimum of 14 hours every day.  Several days, even more.  So it was basically up to me to do all the looking via the internet.  We were supposed to go look at cars Saturday, I had managed to get a sitter lined up and then at the last minute J got called in and had to work all day Saturday.  The dealership we planned to go to wasn't open Sunday, so that means the kids and I are still stuck here at the house.  We had to miss all the Halloween activities we had planned on attended.  None of our neighbors do TOTing so the kids missed out completely this year.  It's been a struggle for J to get the groceries we need (cause apparently he can't read a list and doesn't know how to shop).  Saturday was our wedding anniversary.  Fortunately I had a bottle of champagne saved from last year that we never opened, so after the kids went to bed we sat on our porch swing in front of a fire and got tipsy together.  That was a bright spot in all the suckage.  No matter what we have each other, and sometimes that's enough.  Somewhere in the middle of everything, R had a touch of the stomach flu.  I couldn't go vote today, again, because I had no way to get to the polls and I missed my chance to vote early or absentee.  I've been knitting again the last week or two and my hands ache.  I'm wearing a wrist brace right now on my left hand and it sucks big, hairy donkey balls.  I haven't had to wear one since my pregnancy with R.  I used to wear them daily, on both hands, when I worked.  I forgot how much they limit your movement.

B is allergic to tomatoes now apparently.  I need a list on my fridge of everything she can't have.  We were at the hospital picking up some things for her, to run some lab work re: her allergies, possibly to gluten, when my car died, so I haven't been able to take that stuff back in.  J's been too busy to go too.  Her new Ped. was great though.  Other than her allergies and the digestive issues, B is doing really well.  She's turning into a skinny little thing.  She was so chub as an infant. She can still wear nearly all her clothes from this time last year.  She's gained barely 2lbs in the last year.  Her vocabulary is growing so, so fast, 2 and 3 words a week or more.  This week alone she's picked up 'clock' and 'fly' (butterfly) so far.  She is obsessed with Cat in the Hat.  I think she is starting to look a bit more like her daddy now.  She's got dark brown/hazel eyes more like his, and she has his ears.  Something about the set of her eyes and eyebrows reminds me of him too.  Her face is shaped like mine though, more oval instead of heart shaped like J and R.

R is pretty awesome these days.  He's dealt very well with being stuck at home.  He's got his numbers down well, is right on the cusp of being able to tell time.  He's suddenly decided he wants to learn how to cook, and he's in there with me during just about every meal, helping me stir and pour and measure.  Tonight we jammed in the kitchen to The Grateful Dead while our spaghetti cooked.  He took my hands and we danced.  B joined in with her funny little bop and sway dancing, too.  I hope I never forget that as long as I live.  It's one of those memories I want to hold in my heart forever.  I feel like I've been drowning, and it helped buoy me above the waves.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Life in general

Haven't been on to post much lately.  The kids are keeping me busy I guess.  B doesn't like for me to use the computer.  I've been sorta down lately too.  The co-op closed, and for the first time in about 3 years I'm not marketing in a store front.  I set up my etsy shop, but I have no idea whether or not it will be as successful as marketing through a gallery type set up.  In August and September I was having really bad pain in my hands and had to stop knitting for a bit.  I've picked it back up some this month, I'm making a hat for myself.  I picked up a custom order through FB that I'll start on today.  I get to make another one of those cute owl sweater sets.
J's been working horrendous hours the last month and it has been hard on all of us.  He's finally back to a normal schedule this week and I am so, sooo glad.  It has been exhausting for both of us.  I've had to take care of the lot of the stuff he usually does, or helps out with, because he's just not been here to do it.  We really wanted to go up to Roan Mt. for our anniversary in a couple of weeks, but it's not going to happen.  It's so hard for him to take any leave.  We are counting the months until he gets out.
Kids are doing well.  B adds new words every week.  She's up to 25 or so I guess.  Her allergies are giving us trouble.  Hoping to get some support with all of it at her new doctor on the 25th.  She's having a lot of reactions, and I can't always tell what from.  I think maybe soy, but it's hard to know.  Yesterday she got an awful red rash on her face where some bbq sauce got on her.  Sauce she'd had before without trouble.  It wasn't hives like she usually gets, and it lasted for almost an hour.  It looked almost like a burn.  It's so frustrating and scary.
R's making a lot of progress with his letters and numbers, I'm really proud of how well he's doing.  There are just 3 or 4 letters he has trouble with, mostly E vs F, and W vs M vs N.  He always gets W, but confuses M and N for W.  He's discovered a love for puzzles in the last couple of weeks, so we've been doing a lot of jigsaw puzzles.  He's also recognizing 0-10 with pretty good accuracy now.  I'm about ready to move him up to 11-20.  We've also started working on letter sounds- phonics.  I get frustrated cause he just doesn't seem to get it, and isn't always willing to cooperate with the work.  I've been trying to find us an age appropriate human body book.  The one I wanted I could only find used, and then the copy I ordered got canceled because the seller realized it was in much worse condition than they had originally rated it.  So back to square one sort of.  He is very curious about his organs and body systems.  I'm also trying to find some printable materials I am happy with.
There's more I want to write about, but it's taken me nearly 2 hours just to get this typed up between all the interruptions so it will have to wait.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

school stuff, preschool update

Words that R can spell out and recognize on sight: zoo, box, bus, book.  I think those are the only ones so far, but it's progress.  We do a lot of spelling words out and practicing letter sounds.  He doesn't get phonics yet at all, but he's getting closer to grasping it.  He is doing much better on letter recognition.  He still gets tripped up on some of them, and he tends to get M and W confused.  He wrote his name for me last week though which was huge!  I was so proud!   And we've been really working hard on number recognition.  I got him some Dr. Seuss flash cards that he loves and I think it's been helping.  He can reliably get 0, 1, 4, 9 and 10, which is better than nothing, which is where we were at a month or two ago.  We've been working on using scissors to his great delight.  He loves to cut and glue, so we do that at least once a week.  I'll draw a bunch of large shapes on construction paper, then he will cut them out, and make them into a picture.  I've been trying to encourage him to draw things himself, too.  We've been playing outside a lot, and both kids have fun collecting different things in the yard, then we'll talk about what they've found.  This week we've learned about the 4 seasons.  J has been teaching R all about building with Legos.  J will design something and R will build it.  He also lets R design and build his own little models.  It's a really good play to learn bonding thing for them to do together.  B gets in on it too sometimes, she is very interested in blocks and building.  I got a big book of simple science experiments for us to work on as well.  It's got lots and lots of good ideas in it, all laid out in easy steps with very basic materials.  Hopefully some of them will make their way onto the blog.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Words that B is saying these days

Because I want to put it down somewhere I won't forget.  B has had a pretty big jump in her language skills in the last two weeks.  She is saying duck (all animals), dog, one, two (often said together, pointing at things, imitating her brother counting), apple (still her word for food), stuck, is, book, whooooo (owl noise), moooo (cow noise, obviously), uhoh, block, ok, that, bock bock (chicken noises), up, out.  I *think* that might be it.  She can do the hand motions to Mr. Sun and Pat-A-Cake, and she shakes her head to indicate no.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Everything is better with Chocolate Chip Cookies

When life gets you down, bake.  Ok, so that's probably not the best motto, it should probably be something like, when life gets you down, go exercise.  Whatever.  I enjoy baking a shite ton more than I enjoy exercising.  Life's been... stressful lately.  I tried a new cookie recipe yesterday.

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies:

2 sticks salted butter, slightly softened
2 eggs
1tsp baking soda dissolved in 1tbs warm water
1c w sugar
1c b sugar
2c all purpose flour
1.25c old fashion rolled oats, whole not ground
2c mini chocolate chips (my preference, you can use whatever kind you want.  I think the little ones work best)

Mix the eggs and butter well, add the dissolved baking soda.  Add the sugar a little at a time.  Same with the flour and the oat meal.  Add the chocolate chips at the end.  Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes.  I got exactly 4 dozen medium sized cookies out of this recipe.  

I won't lie, these were a-fucking-mazing.  I'm not usually a huge fan of chocolate chip cookies, and mine don't often turn out as well as I would like.  Something about this was just perfect though.  Maybe it's the dissolved baking soda, or all the oatmeal, or using mini chips instead of regular sized ones.  This was cookie nirvana.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Coming soon!

Coming soon, my very own Etsy Store!  I've got a bit more work to do on it, but I'll be posting the link soon!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

turning 4

It's hard to believe R is 4 today.  He's grown so, so much.  



This year he requested a robot cake.  I found easy, easy instructions on the web for making this sort of a robot.  He's beyond thrilled with it.  It could have been a little neater, but it's not like we're having a party, it'll just be the 4 of us, so there's no call to impress.  He'll probably just eat the frosting and the candy anyway.  

We're waiting til J gets home from work and after dinner to do cake and presents, and R has been orbiting around the house with excitement all afternoon.  I don't think I will make it through the evening without a drink or two.  He's getting a decent haul of gifts.  Several of the Thomas and Friends trains (Salty, Harvey, Toby, Lady, and Bertie), Cranky the Crane, a Raffi dvd, two new Kumon work books, a small metal toy tractor, a new copy of The Little Red Caboose, a copy of Hop on Pop, and a set of Legos J picked out for him.  My mom sent him some sock critters and a new shirt.  He got some money from my dad and my grandparents.  I think tomorrow I'll help him make a little bank to keep it in.  J's side of the family has been silent so far.  Mil usually sends a gift or a card or something.  Maybe it will come tomorrow.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

family brain dump

I've been trying to write this post for the last week, and it just never seems to happen.  My dad's health saga.   *sigh*  Part of my problem is that I don't really even know where to start.  So the basic run down.  He's diabetic, T-II.  Never really took care of his health, didn't eat the way he should, slurped down a 12 pack of diet soda every day for YEARS.  Things got bad 5 years ago right after J and I got married.  Neuropathy in his feet, a condition called Charcot Foot, BAD lesions, infections, amputations, weeks and week of IV antibiotic therapy, etc.  He ended up losing 25% of his left foot.  All of the big toe and some of the foot.  A year later he lost another, smaller toe.  Fast forward 5 years, on the 10th of this month mom drug him to the ER.  Renal failure, nasty, nasty lesion on his remaining big toe.  The toe was really hurting, which is telling because he has virtually no feeling in feet.  He was in the hospital 4 days, they worked on his toe some, removed the corn where the lesion had started, tried to boost his kidney function.  Sent him home with a pick line for IV antibiotics.  Neither his Medicaid nor his VA insurance would pay for the therapy, or for home health, so he has to go to the hospital every day for his infusions, for 6 weeks.  On Thursday of this past week his blood work came back and the infection wasn't responding to the antibiotics, so now he has to go twice a day.  Each infusion takes 2 hours.  He lives in another town, 30 minutes away from the hospital.  Yeah.  So he's virtually moving in on my mom, who lives about 3 blocks from the hospital.  They haven't lived together in 3.5 years.  That should be interesting.  It's all so frustrating and sad to watch.  He's been so damn WILLFUL about ignoring his health and refusing to change his habits.  We all think he'll end up on dialysis soon.  And he'll be very lucky if he doesn't end up with another amputation this time.  My mom and my sisters had been hounding him for months to have the doctor look at his foot.  He'd cancel the appointments and not reschedule, or go in and not show them his feet.  He wouldn't have gone to the hospital if my mom hadn't dragged him in.  For months he's had bad blood pressure problems, lots and lots of fluid retention, because his kidneys are just barely functioning.  All this comes on the heels of my mom's health scare a month or two ago.  When did my parents get old?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

August has arrived, hot and miserably humid.  I feel bad for all the school kids having to ride the bus home in this weather.  

July was such a productive knitting month.  I think I finished something like 15 or 16 hats and at least one button scarf.  I've had to take a little break though, I've been having a lot of pain in my right hand, in my thumb and index finger.  I've finished one more adult hat, and a half way through another, but I don't have any pictures yet cause I am lazy.  

I took R to the dentist today for his check up/cleaning.  Thankfully all his teeth look great.  Hopefully that one we had crowned last fall was just a fluke (a very expensive fluke).  It's nice to have good dental insurance for the kids, it'll be hard to give that up when J leaves the air force.  B's up to 8 teeth, she's gotten two of her 1 year molars recently and the third will probably pop through in a day or so.  They haven't been nearly as bad cutting in as R's were, but she has been pretty cranky and clingy lately.  Now I know why.  Today it's been like she's super glued to my chest.  

R's doing pretty well with his preschool work.  We just finished the Kumon capital letters book, and he's getting two new Kumon workbook for his birthday in a couple of weeks.  He seems to do really well with that series.  He's been super interested in telling time and numbers, so we've been working on that a lot during school time.  He's starting to recognize some numbers.  He's writing and recognize more of the alphabet.  But still not able to match letters and their sounds.  

B is up to 5 or 6 words.  Uhoh, daddy, up, that (combined with pointing, wanting to know what something is), dog, and apple (all food is apple).  Sort of an odd collection of words.  Dog is really recent, she says it very clearly, but I can't tell what she is referencing when she says it.  It just seems like she enjoys saying the word.  She's very into puzzle type activities right now.  R never liked that sort of thing, he was/is the hammer man, all destruction and noise.  She sits and works and works to put together the train track, or get the shapes into the shape sorter, or the lid on and off the toy tea pot.  She also loves to dress up, she puts on lots of hats and likes to drape things around herself.  

Monday, August 6, 2012

You're Fired!

I fired B's doctor's office last week.  Her well baby visit was the 27th, and the FNP that saw us was very very rude because I told her we wouldn't do CIO with B.  B sleeps 10-11 hours in her own bed, she can put herself back to sleep when she wakes during the night, and I have pretty strong feelings about CIO in the first place.  I still rock/nurse B to sleep at night, and apparently that will damage her emotionally, make her too dependent on mommy.  "She won't be able to take care of herself in Kindergarten, because mommy has always solved all her problems."   WTFever lady.  I told her I don't go to the doctor to be told how to parent my kids.  I sent her supervising doctor a scathing letter detailing what she said, and then how she refused to complete the check up, or consult with me about B's food allergies.  So I made B's 18 month appointment at a new place that was recommended to me through the local LLL.  Hopefully it goes better.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Grouch, Grouch, Grouch

Just call me Oscar, cause I've been so grouchy this week.  It's not even 'that time of the month', I'm just in a pissy mood.  The kids have been nuts, I've been in low to moderate levels pain most of the week, and stupid people keep popping up to annoying me.  This morning my ire is directed toward this seller on Amazon.  J had me order a power cable for a work computer- he had checked it out then lost the power cord, so now he has to replace it.  So I get on Amazon and order one up.  For reasons unbeknownst to me, Amazon used my old Fayetteville address.  Even though I have bought lots and lots of stuff, and it's always been sent to my GA address, this one time, it defaulted to my old address.  Well I didn't realize it until it was too late.  I immediately contacted the seller, who told me to just go to my old address to pick up my package.  Can't do that dumbass.  I said it might end up being returned to sender because our forwarding period was expired.  They graciously informed me they would only charge me a 10% restocking fee.  I asked them if they couldn't just send me the power cord I'd already ordered and paid for if/when it was returned to sender.  Nope.  I have to pay to have it restocked, then order a new one and make sure I get it shipped to the correct address.  Well thanks sooooooo much for all your help.  Believe I'll be purchasing the power cord from someone else.  Or better yet, J can order his own damn power cord, since HE lost the first one.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Long Month

July has been a long damn month, and there is still a whole week left!  The kids have been crazy making this week.  Today we have GOT to get out of the house, despite trying to conserve gas in the car and avoid the unbearable heat.  Lunch date with J, followed by a dreaded trip to the commissary (grocery store on base).  I have managed to continue being a productive knitter this week.  I've finished two hats to far, and am working on a 3rd.

I wish R would agree to model for me more often.  He seemingly hates anything I have knitted just on principle.  Contrary, stubborn child that he is.  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Finished work, 7/21

not a bad week's work, considering how sick I was Monday and Tuesday.  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I don't think I have posted about B and her allergies before.  We're still sorting them out, but so far she seems to be allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, dust, and some sort or pollen (I suspect it's grass).  Something environmental causes her arms and legs to break out in eczema.  The food allergies all cause her to break out in hives and, depending on the amount of food and the degree of contact, swelling and massive snot flow.  She goes for her 15 month well baby next week, and it's something we'll have to discuss with them.  At her 12 month we were just dealing with the eczema and it wasn't such a big deal.  Since then she's tried peanut butter, dairy, and eggs.  She had a reaction to something cooked with cashews in it (she got some of the sauce, but didn't actually eat the nuts themselves.  So tree nuts are still iffy.  Someone suggested almond butter, but I am really reluctant to let her try it.  Several people have suggest we do allergy testing and see a pediatric allergist.  But then I've also been told that's sort of a waste of time/money.  I want to wait and see what her pediatrician recommends before J and I decide one way or the other.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

trying to get organized

I'm trying to clean up and organize my craft table and desk area this afternoon.  My 'inspiration yarn' basket is overflowing.  I need to sort through it and put some of it back in the stash.  My 'working yarn' basket in the living room has yarn in it that needs to go back into the 'inspiration yarn' basket.  My clips and ribbons and buttons and mailing envelopes and paper cutter and log book and various other items all got consolidated into a new collapsible bin.  My finished projects got rehomed from an old gift bag to another new bin.  I really would like to sort through my stash and reorganize it a bit, but I can't do that with the kids around.  But it's not just my craft area.  My whole house is so messy and cluttered, it makes me want to lay down and cry.  Some of it my fault.  I don't put away the kids laundry as often as I should and it gets piled up.  I don't dust often enough.  I let the homeschool shelf get all in disarray.  It needs an organizational overhaul too.  I'm just one person in a house with 3 other people though.  Two of the are funnels of destruction.  It's more than I can counter on my own.  Like right now, at this very moment, after I just gathered up all the paper trash out of the floor of my room and off of my table, my kids are shredding a magazine and pulling apart a pad of sticky notes *sigh*  Better go put a stop to them.

Saturday, June 30, 2012


Pizza Dough

Pizza Dough

1c water
1tsp sugar
2.25tsp yeast
(allow yeast to activate)

3tbs olive oil
3tbs honey
salt, garlic, Italian seasonings all to taste.

2c ww flour
2.5-3c w flour (knead last 1/2c in)

Mix together, then knead.  allow to rise until doubled in size, punch down and knead again.  allow 2nd rise.  Bake pizza at 400 for crispier crust.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

lonely times

I miss living in a place where I have friends.  I know I've written about the suck ass spouses group here before, and how I've tried to give it a chance, but it's a 'square peg in a round hole' sort of sitch.  I've stuck it out because I really wanted to have a playgroup for the kids to be a part of; there for a while, I thought it might work out, and maybe I would make some friends.  We were going to events and I started to get to know a few people.  Then the playgroups petered out.  I don't know why.  They went from April 3rd until June 13th without having any playgroup events.  Just more and more of their goddamn starbucks coffee dates.  Well, now they've decided you have to pay to be a member.  I guess this will be the end of it for me.  I can't justify paying to stay in their lame group.  I'm sad honestly.  I feel like I don't know how to make friends, and I really miss the friends I moved away from in NC.  The one lady I tried to make friends with at our church seems to have left her husband and moved away from the community as best I can tell- she's gone at any rate, and certainly didn't let me know what was going on.  I so wanted that one to work out.  She was my only prospective friend.  I felt like I really tried.  But how many times do you have to invite someone over before they'll come by?  *sigh*

J's been talking about getting out in the spring (his current enlistment will be up), and moving us back to TN.  I've been sorta hesitant about it up until now, because I love our house and we'd have to sell it before we could move.  And thinking about moving again makes me want to cry.  But maybe I'd be happier living in a place where I know people and can feel connected and be part of a like-minded community.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Proud parent mush.  Excessive gushing over mundane child events will follow.  You've been warned.

The kids and I met J for lunch in town today, and it was one of those places that brings crayons and papers for the kids to have while you wait.  R was sitting there coloring, and started writing a bunch of letters we'd been practicing in his Kumon book.  He'd never written most of them outside of his workbook.  I was SO excited!  He's learning after all, LOL!

How is it possible that he'll be 4!! in two months?  He looks like such a big kid now, he's gotten so tall since the first of the year.  He doesn't look at all like the chubby baby that he was.  He's been awfully clingy and needy lately.  I feel like I spend as much time holding him as I do B.  I love his snuggley little self, but I get overwhelmed when they both start crying and whining and pulling on me to be held at the same time.  When B naps, I frequently end up with him snuggled up on my lap, talking my ear off about his cars and trains.  Or sometimes we build a train layout together.  He loves to help with that.  He's actually pretty good at doing them all on his own now.

B is awesome.  She's totally becoming a toddler though, and she has her cranky toddler moments.  She and R and double trouble.  They really love each other.  And it's heart-melting to watch them love on each other.  She has gotten very affectionate lately, and they get to kissing and hugging and being cute and silly together.  I took them to a playdate at a park yesterday, and she was so funny following the bigger kids around, doing her best to be in on the action.  R is good about including her most of the time.  I heard him introducing her to one of the other kids.  "And this is my sister!  Her name is B____"  He told me the other day that sister was his best friend.  I really do think it's amazing what having a second child has done for our family.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

sock monkey hat

Personally, I am not a fan of the sock monkey.  They sorta creep me out.  However, other people think they are adorable and cute so here is my first attempt.  the mouth should probably have been smaller for this size hat.  

Monday, June 4, 2012

one week old

We had 9 out 19 eggs hatch last weekend.  The chicks are about a week old now, and doing really well.  they have gotten a lot bigger just in the last week.  Their flight feathers are starting to come in.  They're really active, hopping around their hutch.  They'll come up and eat out of J's hand.

This weekend I started a cute baby sweater with cabled owls.  I have two friends expecting babies later this summer, so I get to make some cute itty bitty baby things.  Pics when I am done of course, which should be soon.  The owls turned out to be really easy.  I usually avoid cabled things, I don't especially like doing them.  But this was too cute to resist.  This sweater is for a baby boy, and I thought the owls easily would cross the gender line.

The kids are doing well.  B is starting to act like a toddler.  She and R have started having some mommy jealousy.  I can't hold one without the other climbing me too.  She throws little tantrums sometimes, when she doesn't get her way.  They seem so benign compared to her brother's.  B has been a book lover for quite a while.  She loves to sit and "read" to herself.  Lately though she's discovered an equal love for being read to.  It's really sweet.  The look of pleasure when she brings me a book is such a joy.  She's not talking much yet, but she does say "uhoh" and "hey" and I think I have heard her say "thank you" and "kisses."  She really gets a kick out of giving kisses too.  They are all wet and slobbery and open mouthed, but so, so delicious!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

baby chicks!

this is the first of 5 so far that are out of the shell.  it hatched right after 11pm est last night.  there are at least two more with their shells cracked, trying to hatch.  and beyond that I'm not sure how many more.  so at least 7 babies.  
about 20 minutes old here, black copper maran chick

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

even more May Flowers

Upcycling is the art of turning something old and funky into something new and funky.  

upcycled sun hat

upcycled sun hat

upcycled sun hat

upcycled sun hat

upcycled sun hat

upcycled sun hat

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More flowers

I might be a little single minded at times.  I've made 32 hair clips and barrettes so far.  Some of them have more than one flower.