Friday, January 27, 2012

9 months and counting

B celebrated an important milestone this week. She has been on the outside for as long as she was on the inside. She weighed in at exactly 20lbs, and is an impressive 29in tall at her well baby check up today. She's got one, adorable little tooth sticking up out of her gums. She is SO smart and engaging. She loves playing peek-a-boo. She'll cover her face with her shirt, or a blanket, and just laugh when she pulls it back down. This week she started putting her shirt over MY face, which was even funnier. She enjoys sharing her toys with me, i.e. force feeding me teething toys. I saw her sharing her toys with R too the other day. She is incredibly mischievous and relentlessly curious to just be 9 months old. She tries to climb things already, and she's not even walking yet. Baby B, I can't say it enough, you have been the perfect addition to our family!

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