Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good news Tuesday

Awesome trip to the pediatric surgeon today. The verdict was no surgery for R! The doctor said he does have a mild dystasis, but that it won't warrant surgery. It will correct itself as he continues to grow and develop, possibly even until he is a teenager.

We're also having good results with his school work. We'd back off for a few months because he wasn't interested or focused enough to do much beyond play to learn. But since the holidays there have been some signs that he might be ready to try a little more structure. And sure enough, we've had a lot of good progress with letters in the last week and a half. He's attempting to make some on his own, as well as being willing to trace letters on a page. He had a good time this morning tracing letters on his coloring sheets. His ability to count objects with one to one correlation is coming along well too. He got all the way to 10 last night while we were reading a bedtime story. I'm very proud of my little man.

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