Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Little Buddy

R has been really reluctant to do any school type activities this week. He's been a lot more interested in playing. Which is ok for now. I did notice that he is finally recognizing purple and orange and pink. I'm going to try to get in a letter C lesson before the week is out. I want to keep making progress on letter recognition.

He was talking to me last night about moving from our old house, and how I went to the doctor to have sister. It was really sweet to listen to him articulate his memories. Then he tried to tell me that he wanted milk (to nurse). We talked about how he was a big boy now, and too big to nurse. So he told me how beautiful the milk was, and gave it kisses. Then he told didn't want to be big, he wanted to stay little. He's been telling me that a lot lately. I always tell him that he's my little buddy, and he can stay little as long as he wants. This conversation usually ends with lots of snuggles.

There's such a push for kids to grow up fast and rush through childhood. And the time passes so quickly as it is. Why rush it? This is the only time in his life he can play unhindered.

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