Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Well Hello There 2012

Taking a few minutes to bring my blog into the new year! We had very enjoyable holidays here in GA. My family visited for Christmas which was great! We had a small blip with a broken pipe the Monday after Christmas, but it was fixed easily by the plumber. J desperately wanted to fix it himself, but didn't have the skills to do the job. The kids are really enjoying all their new loot. They got some really nice gifts from us and from their extended family.

R has had the post Christmas crazies the last week, and finally seems to be settling back down now that we are back to our normal routine at last. He has his first appointment with the pediatric surgeon next week to determine if he will need abdominal surgery to correct his weak abdominal wall. Not really looking forward to that. B is a ball of fire. She is so lively and independent. She seems older than her 8 months because of how active she is. She explores the house and has adventures with her brother. They love each other so much. They go off together and play in his bedroom without needing me. I peek in on them, but I don't hover. The house is pretty well baby safe, so she can crawl around without too much worry. She is also cruising the furniture and has stood alone a couple of times. I think she will walk before her birthday. She makes lots of cute baby talk too. She babbles with a wide variety of sounds and syllables. We don't think she's said any words yet though. She started clapping when she's really happy or excited, and she will play peekaboo with her blanket (although not on command, only when she feels like it). I think she may finally have a tooth too. We thought she cut one back in Oct. but it's stayed lumped up right under the gum. Yesterday she had a pretty white point we think is the real deal. She hasn't let me check it today.

I got my inventory and year end report for my sales at the WACO gallery for 2011, things were really good for me in the first and last quarter. I took maternity/moving leave between March and September though, and produced 0 work during that time. I'm just about sold out again, so I'm working hard right now to produce some new work. I've got a stack of elf hats finished, and will start working on adult hats and buttons scarves next. In Feb. I think I will start focusing on making some spring and summer baby items. I'm hoping to market the elf hats year round, and start making a few layette sets now that I am more proficient with baby sweaters. Then cotton tams for adults. And eventually during the summer I will start building fall and winter inventory. My goal is to grow my business in 2012. I feel like the is potential there.

I don't think I wrote about the changes at Up and Dyed, and how the artists there have formed a co-op called WACO (Wearable Art Co-Op). There are 12 artists exhibiting, and there is now an application for membership, and we all contribute our time every month to the running of the co-op. Mine is done primarily through the computer and the internet since we can't visit every month. It helps spread the responsibility around among all the exhibiting artists. We all pay a 25% commission on our sales to the owner, which in turn helps keep the doors open and the lights on. It's been a good change.

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