Thursday, February 9, 2012

Preschool Notes- Week of 2/9

We've been keeping up with our preschool work, R is continuing to show progress with letter recognition, differentiating between letters and numbers, and honing his fine motor skills with writing and drawing. Last week he finally began recognizing purple and orange. At least I don't have to worry anymore about him being color blind. So what have we done lately?

-color pages and hand writing sheets for letter C and D.
-Finger painting. This has proven to be a really huge hit, and we work on making drawings with our fingers instead of a brush. He started making faces in the paint one day this week, then yesterday he was drawing the same faces with his markers. We also practice mixing the colors and making new colors, and splatting around making different textures in the paint.
-We did a craft activity that entailed writing letters and shapes with glue on a big sheet of butcher paper, then using dried goods from the pantry to fill in the letters. I had dried black beans, lentils, flax seeds, rice, and rolled oats. This was a whole lot of fun. We'll probably do this again as we continue to work through the alphabet.
-He is reliably recognizing B, O, K, A, C, X
-He saw the word BOOK, and read the letters off to me.

He is showing interest in clocks, time, and days of the week, so I am thinking about getting one of those magnetic or dry erase calendars to help him learn. I also want to have him do a collage project sometime soon.

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