Thursday, February 16, 2012


My children are on a campaign to send me into a nervous break down. Neither one of them is sleeping much at night right now, and I am so strung out. They won't ever both be awake at the same time, so I'll get B back to sleep after being up for two hours, then 20 minutes later, after having just fallen back to sleep, R will try to get in bed with us. Refuse to leave. Then throw a huge screaming tantrum at 5:30 in the morning because for whatever reason he doesn't want to sleep in his bed. Once he's settled back down, B wants to nurse again, then finally I doze off for a few more minutes until J's alarm clock goes off. So I'm awake until he leave around 6:45, because he's turning on lights, banging around. I have weird, vivid, restless dreams until 7:30, when R comes bounding back in, waking up B and I, demanding a movie and waffles. That was our night last night. I don't know why I got stuck with the sleepless kids. Karma maybe? Bad luck? I guess it's just part of having small kids. I have heard that some kids sleep, but I don't believe it. B is a good napper, and did sleep pretty well at night up until she hit 7 months. R was even doing really well until about two weeks ago, when he decided to stop sleeping through the night too. About once a week, they will both sleep reasonably well. In addition to them not sleeping, I've started waking up half way through the night with this awful pain in my lower back, and can't seem to get comfortable after that. I toss and turn, trying to find a position I can sleep in without the pain keeping me awake. I tried turning our mattress, that didn't help. I *nee* sleep. Good, restful sleep. I am feeling a little desperate this morning.

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