Wednesday, March 7, 2012

28 years ago

A baby girl was born! Happy Birthday to me! Be jealous of my cake :-p

When I was four, I asked my mom to make me a pink strawberry cake. Apparently my taste hasn't changed much over the years. Strawberry buttercream, devils food cake, but the real zinger is the strawberry filling I made. 1c fresh strawberries pureed, 1tbs honey, 1/2 package of Sure-Jell fruit pectin. Blend, then refrigerate. holy moly! I spooned as much of it as I could between the two layers of cake, then drizzled the rest on top. You could easily do this with raspberries too I think, but I personally prefer strawberries. I love how bright pink the puree turned, without any added artificial coloring or anything. Makes for a really pretty presentation.

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