Thursday, March 22, 2012

just a lot of blabber

March has been a busy month so far. We were gone all last week, to TN. We had a nice time visiting the family, but I wish J could have come with us. The kids had a great time visiting their grandparents and aunts. Came home to lots of chaos, and things are just now settling down a bit. The house was a pigsty. My car broke down on the way home, again. 3rd time. I've had it worked on twice, but apparently not addressing the right problem. The AC at the house wasn't working, had to have that looked at. We were all set to get a puppy from this lady. She had told me two weeks on the 4th. I told her I would be out of town, and I would be in touch on the 18th- two weeks. Well while I was gone, she decided they were ready to give away, and didn't bother to let me know. So now all the puppies are gone. I'm more frustrated with the lack of courtesy than anything else. She is part of the spouses group here, so I shouldn't be surprised. I don't know why I keep trying to make myself fit in with their group. I'm desperate for the kids to have some sort of social interaction though, and I keep hoping maybe I can make a friend. Just one friend. I'm facing the reality that we've been here a year, and I have 0 friends here. The lady I had so much hope for from church seems too... unfocused maybe? I like her a lot. I want to be her friend. I've invited them over many times, my kid loves to play with hers. I dunno. Something is just not clicking.

I'm working on a pattern for a infant/toddler sized dress. I looked and looked, and couldn't find exactly what I wanted (as usual) so I'm just writing my own pattern. Which is harder for something like a dress than it is for a hat. I'm hoping to have something marketable, so it's better for me to use my own patterns anyway. I've got to crank out this month's WACO newsletter before this time next week too. Which means relying on other's to get their part done as well. Someone else has to put together the calendar of events, which is what takes me the longest to write up. I did ok for the first quarter, in sales. Better than I'd anticipated, being post Christmas. I haven't knitted much in the last month. I worked all through Jan. and the first half of Feb. and I've sort of hit a plateau since them. I've been stuck on a project I don't really like, so I've been dragging my feet- that and I have been reading a lot. I don't like having more than one project going at a time, so I refuse to start anything new until this one is done. But I think I may give up on it. My heart just isn't in it. And I am pretty enthused about starting the sun dress.

Kids are doing amazingly well right now. B is walking 2/3rds of the time. She can't get up on her own, so when she plops down, she has to crawl over to something to stand back up. But she's doing so well! We also had 4 nights in a row where she slept ALL night, in her own bed. last night was a bust, but she's got a tooth cutting through, so maybe that was it. I was starting to feel like a normal person again with all that good sleep. It's hard for me to believe she'll turn one in a month. It seems like it was just the other day we brought her home all snugly and new. I'd been feeling like a slacker on R's school work lately. He didn't do any worksheets or work book pages while we were gone on our trip, or much the week before. BUT, yesterday we painted, and he did a whole page of letter A's that looked really good. he also painted a really nice rocket ship. I'm bummed I didn't get a picture before he painted over all of it. I'm hoping today we can do some other sort of activity.

The kids are going nuts, and it's taken me forever to get this written, so I best go see what mischief they are up to now.

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