Thursday, June 14, 2012


Proud parent mush.  Excessive gushing over mundane child events will follow.  You've been warned.

The kids and I met J for lunch in town today, and it was one of those places that brings crayons and papers for the kids to have while you wait.  R was sitting there coloring, and started writing a bunch of letters we'd been practicing in his Kumon book.  He'd never written most of them outside of his workbook.  I was SO excited!  He's learning after all, LOL!

How is it possible that he'll be 4!! in two months?  He looks like such a big kid now, he's gotten so tall since the first of the year.  He doesn't look at all like the chubby baby that he was.  He's been awfully clingy and needy lately.  I feel like I spend as much time holding him as I do B.  I love his snuggley little self, but I get overwhelmed when they both start crying and whining and pulling on me to be held at the same time.  When B naps, I frequently end up with him snuggled up on my lap, talking my ear off about his cars and trains.  Or sometimes we build a train layout together.  He loves to help with that.  He's actually pretty good at doing them all on his own now.

B is awesome.  She's totally becoming a toddler though, and she has her cranky toddler moments.  She and R and double trouble.  They really love each other.  And it's heart-melting to watch them love on each other.  She has gotten very affectionate lately, and they get to kissing and hugging and being cute and silly together.  I took them to a playdate at a park yesterday, and she was so funny following the bigger kids around, doing her best to be in on the action.  R is good about including her most of the time.  I heard him introducing her to one of the other kids.  "And this is my sister!  Her name is B____"  He told me the other day that sister was his best friend.  I really do think it's amazing what having a second child has done for our family.

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  1. He is so beautiful!!! Where did that chubby little roly poly baby go?