Monday, June 4, 2012

one week old

We had 9 out 19 eggs hatch last weekend.  The chicks are about a week old now, and doing really well.  they have gotten a lot bigger just in the last week.  Their flight feathers are starting to come in.  They're really active, hopping around their hutch.  They'll come up and eat out of J's hand.

This weekend I started a cute baby sweater with cabled owls.  I have two friends expecting babies later this summer, so I get to make some cute itty bitty baby things.  Pics when I am done of course, which should be soon.  The owls turned out to be really easy.  I usually avoid cabled things, I don't especially like doing them.  But this was too cute to resist.  This sweater is for a baby boy, and I thought the owls easily would cross the gender line.

The kids are doing well.  B is starting to act like a toddler.  She and R have started having some mommy jealousy.  I can't hold one without the other climbing me too.  She throws little tantrums sometimes, when she doesn't get her way.  They seem so benign compared to her brother's.  B has been a book lover for quite a while.  She loves to sit and "read" to herself.  Lately though she's discovered an equal love for being read to.  It's really sweet.  The look of pleasure when she brings me a book is such a joy.  She's not talking much yet, but she does say "uhoh" and "hey" and I think I have heard her say "thank you" and "kisses."  She really gets a kick out of giving kisses too.  They are all wet and slobbery and open mouthed, but so, so delicious!

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