Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I don't think I have posted about B and her allergies before.  We're still sorting them out, but so far she seems to be allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, dust, and some sort or pollen (I suspect it's grass).  Something environmental causes her arms and legs to break out in eczema.  The food allergies all cause her to break out in hives and, depending on the amount of food and the degree of contact, swelling and massive snot flow.  She goes for her 15 month well baby next week, and it's something we'll have to discuss with them.  At her 12 month we were just dealing with the eczema and it wasn't such a big deal.  Since then she's tried peanut butter, dairy, and eggs.  She had a reaction to something cooked with cashews in it (she got some of the sauce, but didn't actually eat the nuts themselves.  So tree nuts are still iffy.  Someone suggested almond butter, but I am really reluctant to let her try it.  Several people have suggest we do allergy testing and see a pediatric allergist.  But then I've also been told that's sort of a waste of time/money.  I want to wait and see what her pediatrician recommends before J and I decide one way or the other.

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