Wednesday, July 11, 2012

trying to get organized

I'm trying to clean up and organize my craft table and desk area this afternoon.  My 'inspiration yarn' basket is overflowing.  I need to sort through it and put some of it back in the stash.  My 'working yarn' basket in the living room has yarn in it that needs to go back into the 'inspiration yarn' basket.  My clips and ribbons and buttons and mailing envelopes and paper cutter and log book and various other items all got consolidated into a new collapsible bin.  My finished projects got rehomed from an old gift bag to another new bin.  I really would like to sort through my stash and reorganize it a bit, but I can't do that with the kids around.  But it's not just my craft area.  My whole house is so messy and cluttered, it makes me want to lay down and cry.  Some of it my fault.  I don't put away the kids laundry as often as I should and it gets piled up.  I don't dust often enough.  I let the homeschool shelf get all in disarray.  It needs an organizational overhaul too.  I'm just one person in a house with 3 other people though.  Two of the are funnels of destruction.  It's more than I can counter on my own.  Like right now, at this very moment, after I just gathered up all the paper trash out of the floor of my room and off of my table, my kids are shredding a magazine and pulling apart a pad of sticky notes *sigh*  Better go put a stop to them.

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