Thursday, August 23, 2012

turning 4

It's hard to believe R is 4 today.  He's grown so, so much.  



This year he requested a robot cake.  I found easy, easy instructions on the web for making this sort of a robot.  He's beyond thrilled with it.  It could have been a little neater, but it's not like we're having a party, it'll just be the 4 of us, so there's no call to impress.  He'll probably just eat the frosting and the candy anyway.  

We're waiting til J gets home from work and after dinner to do cake and presents, and R has been orbiting around the house with excitement all afternoon.  I don't think I will make it through the evening without a drink or two.  He's getting a decent haul of gifts.  Several of the Thomas and Friends trains (Salty, Harvey, Toby, Lady, and Bertie), Cranky the Crane, a Raffi dvd, two new Kumon work books, a small metal toy tractor, a new copy of The Little Red Caboose, a copy of Hop on Pop, and a set of Legos J picked out for him.  My mom sent him some sock critters and a new shirt.  He got some money from my dad and my grandparents.  I think tomorrow I'll help him make a little bank to keep it in.  J's side of the family has been silent so far.  Mil usually sends a gift or a card or something.  Maybe it will come tomorrow.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

family brain dump

I've been trying to write this post for the last week, and it just never seems to happen.  My dad's health saga.   *sigh*  Part of my problem is that I don't really even know where to start.  So the basic run down.  He's diabetic, T-II.  Never really took care of his health, didn't eat the way he should, slurped down a 12 pack of diet soda every day for YEARS.  Things got bad 5 years ago right after J and I got married.  Neuropathy in his feet, a condition called Charcot Foot, BAD lesions, infections, amputations, weeks and week of IV antibiotic therapy, etc.  He ended up losing 25% of his left foot.  All of the big toe and some of the foot.  A year later he lost another, smaller toe.  Fast forward 5 years, on the 10th of this month mom drug him to the ER.  Renal failure, nasty, nasty lesion on his remaining big toe.  The toe was really hurting, which is telling because he has virtually no feeling in feet.  He was in the hospital 4 days, they worked on his toe some, removed the corn where the lesion had started, tried to boost his kidney function.  Sent him home with a pick line for IV antibiotics.  Neither his Medicaid nor his VA insurance would pay for the therapy, or for home health, so he has to go to the hospital every day for his infusions, for 6 weeks.  On Thursday of this past week his blood work came back and the infection wasn't responding to the antibiotics, so now he has to go twice a day.  Each infusion takes 2 hours.  He lives in another town, 30 minutes away from the hospital.  Yeah.  So he's virtually moving in on my mom, who lives about 3 blocks from the hospital.  They haven't lived together in 3.5 years.  That should be interesting.  It's all so frustrating and sad to watch.  He's been so damn WILLFUL about ignoring his health and refusing to change his habits.  We all think he'll end up on dialysis soon.  And he'll be very lucky if he doesn't end up with another amputation this time.  My mom and my sisters had been hounding him for months to have the doctor look at his foot.  He'd cancel the appointments and not reschedule, or go in and not show them his feet.  He wouldn't have gone to the hospital if my mom hadn't dragged him in.  For months he's had bad blood pressure problems, lots and lots of fluid retention, because his kidneys are just barely functioning.  All this comes on the heels of my mom's health scare a month or two ago.  When did my parents get old?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

August has arrived, hot and miserably humid.  I feel bad for all the school kids having to ride the bus home in this weather.  

July was such a productive knitting month.  I think I finished something like 15 or 16 hats and at least one button scarf.  I've had to take a little break though, I've been having a lot of pain in my right hand, in my thumb and index finger.  I've finished one more adult hat, and a half way through another, but I don't have any pictures yet cause I am lazy.  

I took R to the dentist today for his check up/cleaning.  Thankfully all his teeth look great.  Hopefully that one we had crowned last fall was just a fluke (a very expensive fluke).  It's nice to have good dental insurance for the kids, it'll be hard to give that up when J leaves the air force.  B's up to 8 teeth, she's gotten two of her 1 year molars recently and the third will probably pop through in a day or so.  They haven't been nearly as bad cutting in as R's were, but she has been pretty cranky and clingy lately.  Now I know why.  Today it's been like she's super glued to my chest.  

R's doing pretty well with his preschool work.  We just finished the Kumon capital letters book, and he's getting two new Kumon workbook for his birthday in a couple of weeks.  He seems to do really well with that series.  He's been super interested in telling time and numbers, so we've been working on that a lot during school time.  He's starting to recognize some numbers.  He's writing and recognize more of the alphabet.  But still not able to match letters and their sounds.  

B is up to 5 or 6 words.  Uhoh, daddy, up, that (combined with pointing, wanting to know what something is), dog, and apple (all food is apple).  Sort of an odd collection of words.  Dog is really recent, she says it very clearly, but I can't tell what she is referencing when she says it.  It just seems like she enjoys saying the word.  She's very into puzzle type activities right now.  R never liked that sort of thing, he was/is the hammer man, all destruction and noise.  She sits and works and works to put together the train track, or get the shapes into the shape sorter, or the lid on and off the toy tea pot.  She also loves to dress up, she puts on lots of hats and likes to drape things around herself.  

Monday, August 6, 2012

You're Fired!

I fired B's doctor's office last week.  Her well baby visit was the 27th, and the FNP that saw us was very very rude because I told her we wouldn't do CIO with B.  B sleeps 10-11 hours in her own bed, she can put herself back to sleep when she wakes during the night, and I have pretty strong feelings about CIO in the first place.  I still rock/nurse B to sleep at night, and apparently that will damage her emotionally, make her too dependent on mommy.  "She won't be able to take care of herself in Kindergarten, because mommy has always solved all her problems."   WTFever lady.  I told her I don't go to the doctor to be told how to parent my kids.  I sent her supervising doctor a scathing letter detailing what she said, and then how she refused to complete the check up, or consult with me about B's food allergies.  So I made B's 18 month appointment at a new place that was recommended to me through the local LLL.  Hopefully it goes better.