Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

August has arrived, hot and miserably humid.  I feel bad for all the school kids having to ride the bus home in this weather.  

July was such a productive knitting month.  I think I finished something like 15 or 16 hats and at least one button scarf.  I've had to take a little break though, I've been having a lot of pain in my right hand, in my thumb and index finger.  I've finished one more adult hat, and a half way through another, but I don't have any pictures yet cause I am lazy.  

I took R to the dentist today for his check up/cleaning.  Thankfully all his teeth look great.  Hopefully that one we had crowned last fall was just a fluke (a very expensive fluke).  It's nice to have good dental insurance for the kids, it'll be hard to give that up when J leaves the air force.  B's up to 8 teeth, she's gotten two of her 1 year molars recently and the third will probably pop through in a day or so.  They haven't been nearly as bad cutting in as R's were, but she has been pretty cranky and clingy lately.  Now I know why.  Today it's been like she's super glued to my chest.  

R's doing pretty well with his preschool work.  We just finished the Kumon capital letters book, and he's getting two new Kumon workbook for his birthday in a couple of weeks.  He seems to do really well with that series.  He's been super interested in telling time and numbers, so we've been working on that a lot during school time.  He's starting to recognize some numbers.  He's writing and recognize more of the alphabet.  But still not able to match letters and their sounds.  

B is up to 5 or 6 words.  Uhoh, daddy, up, that (combined with pointing, wanting to know what something is), dog, and apple (all food is apple).  Sort of an odd collection of words.  Dog is really recent, she says it very clearly, but I can't tell what she is referencing when she says it.  It just seems like she enjoys saying the word.  She's very into puzzle type activities right now.  R never liked that sort of thing, he was/is the hammer man, all destruction and noise.  She sits and works and works to put together the train track, or get the shapes into the shape sorter, or the lid on and off the toy tea pot.  She also loves to dress up, she puts on lots of hats and likes to drape things around herself.  

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