Tuesday, August 21, 2012

family brain dump

I've been trying to write this post for the last week, and it just never seems to happen.  My dad's health saga.   *sigh*  Part of my problem is that I don't really even know where to start.  So the basic run down.  He's diabetic, T-II.  Never really took care of his health, didn't eat the way he should, slurped down a 12 pack of diet soda every day for YEARS.  Things got bad 5 years ago right after J and I got married.  Neuropathy in his feet, a condition called Charcot Foot, BAD lesions, infections, amputations, weeks and week of IV antibiotic therapy, etc.  He ended up losing 25% of his left foot.  All of the big toe and some of the foot.  A year later he lost another, smaller toe.  Fast forward 5 years, on the 10th of this month mom drug him to the ER.  Renal failure, nasty, nasty lesion on his remaining big toe.  The toe was really hurting, which is telling because he has virtually no feeling in feet.  He was in the hospital 4 days, they worked on his toe some, removed the corn where the lesion had started, tried to boost his kidney function.  Sent him home with a pick line for IV antibiotics.  Neither his Medicaid nor his VA insurance would pay for the therapy, or for home health, so he has to go to the hospital every day for his infusions, for 6 weeks.  On Thursday of this past week his blood work came back and the infection wasn't responding to the antibiotics, so now he has to go twice a day.  Each infusion takes 2 hours.  He lives in another town, 30 minutes away from the hospital.  Yeah.  So he's virtually moving in on my mom, who lives about 3 blocks from the hospital.  They haven't lived together in 3.5 years.  That should be interesting.  It's all so frustrating and sad to watch.  He's been so damn WILLFUL about ignoring his health and refusing to change his habits.  We all think he'll end up on dialysis soon.  And he'll be very lucky if he doesn't end up with another amputation this time.  My mom and my sisters had been hounding him for months to have the doctor look at his foot.  He'd cancel the appointments and not reschedule, or go in and not show them his feet.  He wouldn't have gone to the hospital if my mom hadn't dragged him in.  For months he's had bad blood pressure problems, lots and lots of fluid retention, because his kidneys are just barely functioning.  All this comes on the heels of my mom's health scare a month or two ago.  When did my parents get old?

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