Monday, August 6, 2012

You're Fired!

I fired B's doctor's office last week.  Her well baby visit was the 27th, and the FNP that saw us was very very rude because I told her we wouldn't do CIO with B.  B sleeps 10-11 hours in her own bed, she can put herself back to sleep when she wakes during the night, and I have pretty strong feelings about CIO in the first place.  I still rock/nurse B to sleep at night, and apparently that will damage her emotionally, make her too dependent on mommy.  "She won't be able to take care of herself in Kindergarten, because mommy has always solved all her problems."   WTFever lady.  I told her I don't go to the doctor to be told how to parent my kids.  I sent her supervising doctor a scathing letter detailing what she said, and then how she refused to complete the check up, or consult with me about B's food allergies.  So I made B's 18 month appointment at a new place that was recommended to me through the local LLL.  Hopefully it goes better.

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  1. Ugh, I had to fire a crappy doctor too, Dr Smiley. She gave me for shit advice which I told her exactly what I thought about it. I put it on ICE AND talked to the clinic...supervisor?? whatever as well as the patient rep. I wasn't the only person she gave shitty info to, a friend of mine ended up not breastfeeding because she told her to pump in the beginning so she knew exactly what her son was getting and could measure the amount of milk she was producing. You know how well THAT works. :/ Ugh...some doctors don't deserve to be practicing.

    She also told me to CIO with Scott and actually tracked me down in the clinic after I told her the appointment was over and to GTFO of the exam room. She was following me, harassing really, telling me how it was scientifically proven that CIO isn't damaging and all this BS. I couldn't believe she was doing that...and that is why I talked to the commander of the clinic as well as the patient rep.