Saturday, September 22, 2012

school stuff, preschool update

Words that R can spell out and recognize on sight: zoo, box, bus, book.  I think those are the only ones so far, but it's progress.  We do a lot of spelling words out and practicing letter sounds.  He doesn't get phonics yet at all, but he's getting closer to grasping it.  He is doing much better on letter recognition.  He still gets tripped up on some of them, and he tends to get M and W confused.  He wrote his name for me last week though which was huge!  I was so proud!   And we've been really working hard on number recognition.  I got him some Dr. Seuss flash cards that he loves and I think it's been helping.  He can reliably get 0, 1, 4, 9 and 10, which is better than nothing, which is where we were at a month or two ago.  We've been working on using scissors to his great delight.  He loves to cut and glue, so we do that at least once a week.  I'll draw a bunch of large shapes on construction paper, then he will cut them out, and make them into a picture.  I've been trying to encourage him to draw things himself, too.  We've been playing outside a lot, and both kids have fun collecting different things in the yard, then we'll talk about what they've found.  This week we've learned about the 4 seasons.  J has been teaching R all about building with Legos.  J will design something and R will build it.  He also lets R design and build his own little models.  It's a really good play to learn bonding thing for them to do together.  B gets in on it too sometimes, she is very interested in blocks and building.  I got a big book of simple science experiments for us to work on as well.  It's got lots and lots of good ideas in it, all laid out in easy steps with very basic materials.  Hopefully some of them will make their way onto the blog.

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