Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sucksville (mostly)

So the day after my last post, my car went kaput in a pretty big way.  I got it home thanks to J coming and rescuing me and the kids from the parking lot where we got stranded, but he couldn't get it running again without it overheating.  So I've been stuck at the house since then, our only other vehicle I can't drive and the kids can't both fit in.  We decided we can't pour any more money into the car, it's a 94 and falling apart, we were going to replace it in Feb. anyway; so I started looking for something to replace it with NOW.  Last week J worked a minimum of 14 hours every day.  Several days, even more.  So it was basically up to me to do all the looking via the internet.  We were supposed to go look at cars Saturday, I had managed to get a sitter lined up and then at the last minute J got called in and had to work all day Saturday.  The dealership we planned to go to wasn't open Sunday, so that means the kids and I are still stuck here at the house.  We had to miss all the Halloween activities we had planned on attended.  None of our neighbors do TOTing so the kids missed out completely this year.  It's been a struggle for J to get the groceries we need (cause apparently he can't read a list and doesn't know how to shop).  Saturday was our wedding anniversary.  Fortunately I had a bottle of champagne saved from last year that we never opened, so after the kids went to bed we sat on our porch swing in front of a fire and got tipsy together.  That was a bright spot in all the suckage.  No matter what we have each other, and sometimes that's enough.  Somewhere in the middle of everything, R had a touch of the stomach flu.  I couldn't go vote today, again, because I had no way to get to the polls and I missed my chance to vote early or absentee.  I've been knitting again the last week or two and my hands ache.  I'm wearing a wrist brace right now on my left hand and it sucks big, hairy donkey balls.  I haven't had to wear one since my pregnancy with R.  I used to wear them daily, on both hands, when I worked.  I forgot how much they limit your movement.

B is allergic to tomatoes now apparently.  I need a list on my fridge of everything she can't have.  We were at the hospital picking up some things for her, to run some lab work re: her allergies, possibly to gluten, when my car died, so I haven't been able to take that stuff back in.  J's been too busy to go too.  Her new Ped. was great though.  Other than her allergies and the digestive issues, B is doing really well.  She's turning into a skinny little thing.  She was so chub as an infant. She can still wear nearly all her clothes from this time last year.  She's gained barely 2lbs in the last year.  Her vocabulary is growing so, so fast, 2 and 3 words a week or more.  This week alone she's picked up 'clock' and 'fly' (butterfly) so far.  She is obsessed with Cat in the Hat.  I think she is starting to look a bit more like her daddy now.  She's got dark brown/hazel eyes more like his, and she has his ears.  Something about the set of her eyes and eyebrows reminds me of him too.  Her face is shaped like mine though, more oval instead of heart shaped like J and R.

R is pretty awesome these days.  He's dealt very well with being stuck at home.  He's got his numbers down well, is right on the cusp of being able to tell time.  He's suddenly decided he wants to learn how to cook, and he's in there with me during just about every meal, helping me stir and pour and measure.  Tonight we jammed in the kitchen to The Grateful Dead while our spaghetti cooked.  He took my hands and we danced.  B joined in with her funny little bop and sway dancing, too.  I hope I never forget that as long as I live.  It's one of those memories I want to hold in my heart forever.  I feel like I've been drowning, and it helped buoy me above the waves.

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