Monday, December 10, 2012

Is it really December?

Counting down to Christmas here.  I sort of have the holiday blues.  We're so, so broke from buying the van last month.  I think I have the kid's Christmas stuff taken care of but it will be very small this year.  Most everyone else is getting homemade stuff.  It sucks being broke at the holidays.  And it sucks not being able to get the kids everything I wanted them to have for Christmas.  J wants to go see his family, and I get that.  We haven't seen them in 2 years, and they have never met B.  But I don't know where he thinks the travel money is going to come from.  I reckon hell would freeze over before they came to see us.  To top it off, J's mom told him/us not to come.  She's such a whack job.

We went to the Allergist with B on the 3rd.  We had blood work done, and are still awaiting the result of the tests.  We got Rx's for Zyrtec and an Epi Pen.  She's had 1 more allergic reaction since then, to pomegranates.  Over Thanksgiving she started using 3 and 4 word sentences, and is a regular chatterbox now.  Her vocab is probably up well over 50 or 60 words, and she gets new words everyday.

R is doing well I guess.  I'm having a hard time being structured with his preschool work.  He is doing simply addition and can count to about 30, but can read numbers up to about a 100.  We've been studying body parts, and insects because that's what he's into right now.  He was in the Christmas program at church last night and did a really great job.

I totally failed at friend making.  I feel like the blind date that didn't get a call back for a 2nd date or something.  Which, whatever.  I'm trying to be zen about it.  *trying*  J is talking about staying down here in GA after he gets out, which would alleviate the stress of having to sell our home, but I had been looking forward to being closer to my family, and living in a place where I would have more connections and friend potential.

I've been knitting for Christmas gifts lately, which has been fun.  I'm not having many sale though, which is disappointing.  We could really use that extra bit of income through the holidays.  I've even been trying to sell some of my fancy designer diaper bags, and couple of baby carriers.

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