Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Allergy Saga

We went back to the allergist (Dr. V) to get B's results from last months blood works.  Many of my suspicions were confirmed.  She's very allergic to eggs, peanuts, many, many fruits and veggies, soy.  Right now, she's not allowed to have any fruit or legumes of any kind.  No eggs, no carrots, no beets, no raw tomato.  We have to do trials for diary, and cooked tomato.  Dairy and wheat scored low on her list of allergens, so we have not yet removed wheat from her diet, and Dr. V wants us to try adding dairy back in.  So far she's had some butter and mild cheese without a reaction.  This gives me hope!  She also was able to have some goat's milk (although she didn't care for it).  Dr. V said she also showed positive for some autoimmunity, which could be related to the reactions.  Not sure yet what that is going to mean.   Dr. V also said it was possible that she could be developing a plant protein allergy.  We stick with the current diet for 6 weeks and go back in mid Feb.  I'm hoping we can eventually add some things back in.  She likes green peas and black beans, and never had a reaction to those.  It seems like a real shame to have to cut them out.  She was also still able to eat cantaloupe.  We're supposed to be really pushing the veggies she can eat.  I'm trying, but many of them she doesn't like.  I've been able to sneak spinach in on her several times.  All I can do is keep trying.

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