Monday, April 15, 2013

One Week

In one week my baby will turn 2.  It is amazing how quickly she has gone from being a baby, to being a little girl.  She's incredibly conversational now.  And has lots of toddler drama.  Drama of a different sort than her brother usually had, too.  She has a melt down any time she falls, or gets a bump, hates to get her hands dirty.  That stuff  never phased R.  She LOVES to go places.  "Go car, go car!  Pants, shoes, go car!  OK!"  She's wicked smart, already counting and learning colors and recognizing a couple of letters.  She picks up so much from her brother.

I've invited a few of our new friends(!!!) over for a party on Sunday afternoon.  I'm excited about that.  For quite a while I was really bummed, because we had such a nice party for R's 2nd, and just didn't anyone at all to invite for B's.  But in the last month we've finally made some friends that I felt confident enough to invite over.  I'm hoping to be able to have the party outside and let the kids play in our back yard.  We have such a nice screened in back porch and deck, it would be awesome to be able to entertain out there.  She's getting some good birthday loot too.  And I've already done a test run on her allergen free cake, and it was fairly successful.  The frosting may need some tweaking, but she loved it and that's really all that matters.  I did a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.  Since Easter she has developed a real love for chocolate.

Friday we went back to the GI for B's test results... they all came back normal.  Which is great and a relief, but we're still sorta scratching our heads about what might be causing her issues.  She had gained a whole pound in 3 weeks, which was also great, and the GI said he didn't feel like there was anything medically wrong with her and that she seemed really healthy.  We've had a lot of trouble with the Miralax and trying to find a good dosage.  He did tell me that if we wanted to stop the Miralax and try just juice, we could see if that wasn't easier on her system.  And unless we had any other problems come up, we didn't have to come back for any other tests or follow ups.  Sooooo, I dunno.  She does love juice now, so I've been letting her drink several ounces a day.  This really grates against my grain, because I was very, very anti juice when R was a toddler.  But she could use the extra calories as well as the laxative effect.  It's hard for me to let go of the worry that there is something wrong though.  We go for her 2yr WCV one day later next week, so I can discuss everything with her pediatrician.

We also got released from the allergist for 6 months.  The Clairitin is working to prevent the hives, and I seem to have gotten a hang on how to cook for her to avoid her top allergens.

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