Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wonder what will happen next...

Since J left, my lawn mower battery died, my van got a flat tire (which I changed by myself, despite having never done it before), R's room got invaded by ants, Tricare denied my request to keep B at her current pediatrician that we really like, and now today B has been running a lowish fever off and on since this morning.  And that's just been the big stuff.  I really hope tomorrow is uneventful, but we've got errands to run, so something is bound to be difficult.

I've started several posts over the last week, but for one reason or another didn't get them finished.  Sunday was a really hard day, I was very weepy and emotional.  R has been more agitated so far about J's absence than B has, which surprises me, I thought she would have a harder time with him leaving.  And she may yet, I dunno.  We still have a very long way to go until he is home.

R's doing so great right now with school stuff.  He's totally mastered phonics, and is learning to sound out words.  His writing has gotten much better.  I let him practice on a Magnadoodle and he LOVES it.  He's adding and subtracting small sums in his head.  He helps me read when we have bedtime stories.  He's gaining lots of sight words.  B has also learned to recognize nearly all the letters, which is pretty amazing to me.  She learns the words to songs and sings all the time now.  They are such super kids.

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